Gearing up for Autumn!


Gearing up for Autumn!

So after saving some money, I finally bought the Michael Kors bag I’ve wanted for some time now! It is the smaller-sized Hamilton bag.
It’s roomy enough to carry everyday essentials and the versatility of the straps make it easy to hold in any situation.
The leather is soft, yet thick and durable. It’s also texturized so it won’t get scratched so easily. The gold hardware compliments the warm caramel color of the leather perfectly.
The lining of the bag consists of the traditional cream-colored Michael Kors logo fabric. Also, the purse contains wonderful organizational features- 2 pockets, 1 zippered pocket, and a little keyfob clip. The bag stays closed with a round magnetic clasp.

This is the first item I’ve bought for my Fall wardrobe. Next, I’ll most likely get the matching wallet to this purse, some lovely leather boots, and some shirts and blouses to layer with.


Iron-On Interfacing

Hello, all!
Although I have some fabric for my Peter Pan collar, I do not possess any “iron-on interfacing.” I’m not exactly sure what it is, since I’ve never had to use it before, but I’m sure a quick trip to my local craft store will carry some.

It seems that Peter Pan collars are making a comeback for the Fall fashions this season. I am subscribed to the Kate Spade mailers, and I recently received an e-mail with their version of the collar. It does look quite feminine and beautiful and I’m thinking of even embellishing mine with some giant crystals like Kate Spade’s.

It’s definitely a different way to make a statement with your outfit!

Hello Kitty Gets Her Bow Back!

So for a long time now, my Hello Kitty has been living without her bow. Awhile back, her bow fell off! I never got around to fixing it, until today.

Hello Kitty without her bow.

Hello Kitty without her bow.

Hello Kitty with her bow!

Hello Kitty with her bow!

Peter Pan Collar on the Way!

Hello, all!

So I just cut out my medium-sized Ellie West Peter Pan sewing pattern collar. I think I have my fabric picked out already as well. I will be making my first one without my mom!

A New Pattern From Across the Pond

Good evening!

Earlier tonight, my mom went to get the mail. She came back with a package for me! I was excited because I knew it was my pattern, courtesy of Ellie West Simple Sewing. All the way from Cork, Ireland, it was my first time receiving anything from across the pond.
Here is what I received in my little package:

Ellie West Package

In my package was a lovely letter from Karen and a complementary pattern of the Ellie West Peter Pan Pattern. To my surprise, there were two patterns in this instruction booklet, 1 for s/m and m/l. For the price, the pattern is a great price- it’s basically 2 patterns for the price of 1!

Although I haven’t read the entire pattern yet, I skimmed through the booklet and was impressed with the step-by-step instructions. Being an English Major, I liked the tone and voice the instructions were written in. I felt as if I was talking to a friend who was helping me sew a new project.

I can’t wait to sew this pattern. My mom likes the collar pattern and has asked me to make one for her!

Don’t forget to check out the Ellie West Etsy shop to purchase a copy of the affordable, simple, and chic Peter Pan Collar pattern!


— Alyssa


Hello fellow bloggers!
It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on a sewing project, but earlier this week, I was contacted by a fellow sewing blogger on Twitter. She asked me if I would sew one of her business’s patterns. I was flattered that she included me among the other bloggers she asked to participate in this project.

Naturally, this sparked my interest in sewing projects once more. Although, I love sewing, making crafts, and working on hand-made projects, the new-ish job I got working at a law firm really took up a lot of time. However, just reading about Karen West and her mother, Ellie, really inspired me to dig out some of my old sewing projects that are yet to be completed. I’m looking forward to seeing some paper patterns turn into 3d works of art with fabric.

Here is the Ellie West Etsy page. I love the Peter Pan Collar pattern! It’s even detachable, so you can wear it multiple ways and mix up your wardrobe with it.

Happy sewing!